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September 2013 – Grupo HEMA and Dennis M Diaz (founding partner) decided to initiate a new company  named CE Manufacturing S de RL de CV in Tijuana, BC Mexico.

November 2013 – an affiliated US distribution company was created in the US with the name of Competitive Edge Manufacturing LLC

December 2013 – obtained IMMEX Approval from the Mexican government which enables the company to import and export equipment and products between US and Mexico under preferential tax benefits.

March 2014 – began distribution of 1st product supporting the automotive industry.

June 2014 - began distribution of 2nd product supporting the medical device industry.

December 2014 – added additional technical capabilities in CNC Machining

Our Address:
Universidad 6d, Parque Industrial Internacional Tijuana
 Parque industrial FINSA, Tijuana BC. 22425, Tel +52(664)6249518
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm

Location Estrategic Advantages

Product can be imported and exported between the US and MX in a matter of a few hours. Management teams are multicultural with a large degree of understanding of the Mexico and US business culture. Mexico hourly rates are very competitive compared to any region in the world, enhanced by 50+ years of experience in maquiladora operations and a strong logistics infrastructure.

Industry Presence

Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, and Renewable Energy manufacturing has very strong presence and growing within Mexico,  which is supported by a large and well trained talent pool in these industries. CE is located 124 miles from one of the largest ports in the US in Long Beach, California.  It is also located 68 miles from the 2nd largest port in Mexico in Ensenada, BC.  Learn More...